Complete the Ashhurst to Palmerston North Cycleway

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My pledge for 2020 was to use my bike to commute from my home in Ashhurst to the town of Palmerston North at least twice a week. However, this means sharing the Napier Highway with trucks, boy racers, granny cars, and 4WDs travelling at 100 km an hour. As I cycle along the shoulder inhaling great drags of exhaust fumes, and wondering if the next semi is going to turn me into strawberry jam, I ask the myself the question: does my concern for the future of the planet outweigh the love I have for my individual life? 

If the Palmerston North City Council joins the Raukawa Road section of the cycle and walkway to the Bridle Path entry on Riverside Drive, I will be able to cycle or walk safely along the river all the way into Palmerston North. Ashhurst residents will have a safe path to use to cycle or walk to town for work or leisure, and town residents will be able to pop out to Ashhurst for a weekend mini-break. It will also increase the options for tourists visiting the area, who wish to enjoy a day trip to the cute small town of Ashhurst.

The Palmerston North City council has been promising to complete this path since 2016! In the meantime, they have developed a cycle and walkway from Palmerston North to Linton, built He Ara Kotahi Bridge across the river, and are in the process of developing further recreation areas along the Bridle Path. However, the path to town for Ashhurst residents has never been completed, despite promising to do so for four years, and including it in the 2019/2020 Council budget. Sign this and tell the Palmerston North City Council to get their shovels out and get moving!