Our San Diego City Deserves A Public Roller Skate Park

Our San Diego City Deserves A Public Roller Skate Park

July 7, 2022
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Mayor of San Diego City San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Roller Skaters

To our San Diego City Mayor and Councilmembers:

Todd Gloria, Mayor of San Diego City

Joe LaCava, Councilmember of District 1

Jennifer Campbell, Councilmember of District 2

Stephen Whitburn, Councilmember of District 3

Monica Montgomery Steppe, Councilmember of District 4

Marni von Wilpert, Councilmember of District 5

Chris Cate, Councilmember of District 6

Raul Campillo, Councilmember of District 7

Vivian Moreno, Councilmember of District 8

Sean Elo-Rivera, Councilmember of District 9

Dear Honorable Mayor and San Diego City Councilmembers,

Thank you for your time and attention in acknowledging our formal public invitation for a family-friendly public roller skate park, also known as a roller skate rink, in our great city of San Diego. We sent an email on July 22, 2022, to your official emails regarding our "Our San Diego City Deserves A Public Roller Skate Park Online Petition" to work together in making our great City of San Diego the best city in America!

While there are many demanding agendas, concerns, and objectives during this election year of 2022, we, the voters, taxpayers, college students, retirees, and so many others like you, have banded together in our love of our extraordinary City of San Diego.

We are extraordinary from other cities in the United States because of our perfect year-round weather, cultural and racial diversity, and unconditional universal inclusivity for one and all.

San Diego likewise is a significant tourist attraction for conventions, festivals, and tourism. The San Diego area is furthermore a primary retirement region for many Americans and foreigners alike, and a prominent place for academics and students that love roller skating.

Collectively we can make the City of San Diego a remarkable, fun, and lively place to reside, work, study, retire, and enjoy the sunshine roller skating.

You and I appreciate that our state of California has been and will continue to be a trendsetter in entertainment, fashion, technology, and tourism. Why not in roller skating sports, manufacturing, and tourism?

A public roller skate park, as envisioned here by California School Inc. can and will be a rewarding low-cost infrastructure investment of our San Diego taxpayers’ dollars, city resources, and public land to ensure a public benefit for generations to come!

The time, energy, and financing to set up an affordable concrete roller skate rink roughly several hundred feet long and 100 feet wide are fiscally nominal contrasted to much more expensive, complicated, and never-ending multimillion-dollar city planning projects like bridges, roads, parking garages, and buildings.

A good deal of vacant and unused public land already exists in our city of San Diego to develop an economical concrete roller skate park carefully, affordably, and immediately.

A public roller skate park will promote the physical and mental health of the roller skaters, similar to bike paths, tennis courts, and skateboard parks just to name a few examples. Best of all, it is a healthy, affordable, family-friendly sport development project that all San Diego residents, businesses, and tourists will enjoy and benefit from.

Roller skating is nowadays making a beloved resurgence with our youth and our more mature roller skaters, from first-year college-age students, tourists, retirees, to pensioners!

For these reasons and more, we believe our online petition for public roller skate park merits an official agenda item placement for future San Diego City Council sessions. All across America, people are petitioning their city, large and small, for a roller skate park, such as Santa Cruz, Oakland, Michigan City, Knoxville, and other places across America!

Together, let’s make San Diego roller skate parks a dream destination for local roller skaters and tourists to foster job growth, expand tourism, and support local businesses. Skatin’ Place in San Francisco, Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza in Los Angeles, Anacostia Park Skating Pavilion in Washington, DC, and The Skate Circle in New York City all augment local businesses and tourism.

In that typical California spirit of being the best city in America to retire, work, study, live, and inspire trends, we are calling for you, as our elected mayor, and city councilmembers to satisfactorily advance with due diligence and expeditiously officially acknowledge our popular petition for a public roller skate park in our city of San Diego.

Thank you for your time and attention. We, the taxpayers, tourists, and voters of San Diego, we look forward to your leadership, cooperation, and prompt reply regarding a future San Diego community public roller skate park!

Visit us online at www.rollerskaters.org

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Signatures: 554Next Goal: 1,000
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