Protection of Men’s Rights

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Through my petition ,I want to throw light on the harrasment faced by men today due to misuse of our laws like Sec 498 A of IPC which deals with domestic voilence. Call it, dark comedy, but Indian legislation completely negates the fact that men can be victims too.

Sec 498A is a previlege given to women for their protection against domestic voilence.But unfortunately,it is the most abused law. There are many heartless women who use it as a weapon to harass their husband and his family. Cruelty , here is not done on the women rather is done by the women-dragging innocent men to the police stations/ courts,depriving young children of a happy childhood, many youths of their productive careers and many senior citizens of mental peace in the last leg of their lives.

There are countless cases where innocent men have commited suicides because of this harrasment and the women and her family got no punishment.

Though it is necessary to conduct a basic investigation before arrests as per a landmark judgement of SC , still the provisions of Sec 498A favours women.

It is acknowledged that as much as 50 percent of such cases are false and equally alarming is that 70 percent of marital suicides in India are commited by men.

Unlike other countries, there is nothing much a man can do to fight false cases. DV (Domestic Voilence Act) is gender neutral all over the world but not in India.We have commission for women, kids , animals but no govt. supported commission for men and their issues.Perhaps ,men is a forgotten gender.

Justice is the right of every individual- be it men or women. I  am not anti-women.I am a women myself. I do understand the pain of women but I also do understand the pain of men and their families as I have seen all this myself from very close quarters.

 There is unjustice happening to men in the name of justice to women. Their innocence should be heard . Kindly sign this petition and join this campaign of giving a men an equal right to be heard.