Otarians against the Mahitahi Trust project on Franklyne Rd, Otara

Otarians against the Mahitahi Trust project on Franklyne Rd, Otara

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Tua Lefono started this petition to Otara Leaders of Justice and

Mahitahi Trust are building a project at 16-22 Franklyne Rd in Otara. A forty-one bedroom self-contained units and a Manaaki building by Mahitahi Trust who are a mental health and addictions provider. This project has been over 3 years of planning by Mahitahi Trust and there has been NO Otara community consultation or engagement during any time of their planning. A concern of the health and safety of our children, families and friends and the unwillingness of Mahitahi Trust wanting collaborate with our community NOW not later.

We are a group of leaders elected by the community to push this movement against the project on Franklyne Rd, in Otara. Below is the summary of facts!


■ On the 12 August, a mailbox drop off letter from Mahitahi Kainga Trust, to the surrounding neighbours of Franklyne Rd, the same day the start of the demolishing of the two houses that were on site. It was the first informal engagement the Trust made with the community and surrounding neighbours.

■ On the 27 August, another mailbox drop off letter from the Trust to welcome the community to the Tikanga/ground-breaking ceremony of the site for the 2 September 2019.

■ In the ONAC August Network Meeting the 28th, local community members attended explicitly to raise their concern asking ONAC to write a letter of concern to Mahitahi Trust.

■ On the 4 September, ONAC received an email from the chair of Mahitahi Kainga Trust,Max Cribb, inviting me to their whare in Manukau to share their journey of this kaupapa. My response, ONAC are representatives of the Otara community and then attached the letter of concern requesting for an Otara community meeting.

■ On the 5 September, a reply from Mahitahi Trust was, they have received a confirmation to meet with the BOT of SECH that evening & will put ONAC’s suggestion on hold until after their meeting.

■ Max Cribb attended ONAC’s Sept network meeting on the 25th, apologised for the lack of community consultation. However, he was unable to answer questions from the forum. He heard personally for himself the concerns and a cry for the request of an Otara Community Hui.

■ On the 21st October, ONAC, Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate & Ngati Otara Marae meet to discuss this issue. And it was agreed for ONAC to pursue contact with Mahitahi Trust for a community meeting.

■ On the 30 October, the email sent to the Trust.

■ On the 31 October, Mahitahi agreed to attend the Otara community meeting for 14 November 2019.

■ On the 14 November, Otara community Hui with Mahitahi Trust, a time for the Otara community to express their concerns directly to Mahitahi Trust publicly however, no outcome achieved on the night & no safety measures or precautions were offer by Mahitahi Trust to safeguard our children.

■ On the 2 December, the second Otara community Hui, Mahitahi only two days before declined to attend as initially agreed they would at the 1st Hui. Due to this action by Mahitahi Trust the Otara community were very disappointed and by not honouring this, they lose respect and progress gained from the 1st Hui. The Otara community feel Mahitahi Trust have no respect or consideration of the urgency raised. And to take responsibility and leadership in addressing the issue which is very important to them. This proved to the community; they had no intention of doing so during any time of their planning stage. A process that should already exist in their strategic plan. From the second meeting five passionate members of the community were elected and mandated by the Otara community to take action against this project on their behalf.


Please sign & fill this out to show your support in what we are doing to get the answers the community have been waiting on and also have some sort of safety plan in place to keep our tamariki and families safe, who live on Franklyne Road and who's children attend Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, the Kohanga Reo around the site and also the neighbouring communities. If we turn a blind eye to this, we are basically saying to everyone who wishes to develop and build in Otara, you are welcome to do whatever you like and we don't care :( BUT WE DO CARE! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!