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Reconciliation System for Family Court

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There is a serious divide and disconnect between Oregon’s citizens and thier warriors. American Warriors are being alienated from their families in the country they served to protect. 

Oregon has the highest veteran incarceration rate in the country.

The Veteran suicide rate is less then the national average, however, considering there is no active duty military presence many of these suicides are either Oregon National Guardsmen or those who return to Oregon after completing thier active duty service requirements. 

I believe the cause stems from the general population and state culture in Oregon which is very anti father, anti government and anti military. This has now lead to a clear anti warrior/veteran bias. 

I have experienced this personally in the Oregon family court system while residing in Oregon after being medically retired for combat injuries. 

One only needs to look at the facts and the obscene status quo here. In fact, the governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, refused to meet with Medal Of Honor Recipient MSG Leroy Petry in order to discuss ways to improve the conditions for Veterans in Oregon. 

I believe the solution lies in:

First, elected officials acknowledging and  addressing the impact of anti patriarchal and anti warrior sentiments and ensuring the family court and criminal court systems are no longer anti father/anti warrior. 

Second, insuring there are specialized teams in all areas of government in Oregon that are able to address the additional fallout of having warriors estranged from thier families. 

Third, a complete systemic audit to identify where the systemic problems exacerbate warrior alienation. 

Lastly, a special planning committee is appointed to address these issues and prevent them from happening further.

I suggest that when Oregon families are able to enable reassimilation of thier warriors back into their family, and when the culture in Oregon recognizes the extraordinary contributions and cost to security and makes healing those warriors a top priority; the incarceration and suicide rates will go down. 

Government is a public service meant to serve the people. Warriors enable the security of our nation and states. Those warriors whom are and were willing to serve in the greatest and most honorable of capacities, and whom have been damaged by the requirements of thier service, should be cared for and welcomed home.

Disabled combat veterans are special. They should be given special consideration in all circumstances, as they are no longer the same and are forever changed.

For some warriors coming home, meaning healing from war, coming home means first being understood and reconciled to thier families and communities. Families are the greatest asset to the process of coming home. Please those that have the power to make change, do so. 

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