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Pass the Oregon Patient Access to Benefits Act.

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Oregon Patient Access to Benefits Act

No Oregon statute or regulation shall forbid patients from using their own financial resources to pay for medical care.

No Oregon statute or regulation or licensing rule shall require any physician to participate in, or contract with, any health insurance company or governmental health care payer, to any extent. Neither shall any Oregon statute or regulation require a doctor to work.

What this means for you:
This bill does one thing and one thing only: it ensures that whatever changes are made to our health insurance system in the future, individuals and families will still have the right to make basic and essential decisions about their own medical care, including paying for them directly, if they need to. It will allow doctors to continue to work directly for patients, and not be beholden to government programs and health insurance companies, if they so choose.

This bill does not make anything legal that is now illegal; rather, it safeguards rights that we have today, but are in danger of losing.

In two countries, North Korea, and Canada, individuals do not have the freedom do this within their own countries. Often, Canadian patients travel to the US and other countries for their medical care that they are forbidden from purchasing in their own country. This bill is designed to make sure the government cannot take away the right to purchase medical care within the U.S.

Several states, along with Arizona, are also taking steps to protect choices in medical care. Oregon should, too.

Link to the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act

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