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Action is needed to move HB 2736 which "Exempts farmer from liability for inadvertent acquisition or use of genetically engineered plant or plant seeds" out committee. 

This bill, which we will call the "Oregon Farmer Protect Act",  makes the manufacturer of genetically engineered seed liable for damages resulting from undesired release of genetically engineered plant on property. Thus protecting Oregons family farmers from GMO companies such as Monstanto.

The bill has been stuck in committee for over a month while a competeing bill, SB 633 / the Oregon version of the Monstanto Protection Act, has already been passed by the Oregon Senate. 

Oregon farmers deserve a fair up or down vote in the Oregon Legislature, just Monsanto is getting. Bring HB 2736 to the House floor for readings and passage.

Letter to
State Representative Chris Garrett
Oregon State House
Please move HB 2736 ( Oregon Farmer Protection Act) out of committee so it may receive a fair vote from the full Oregon House of Representatives in the same manner that the Oregon version of the Monsanto Protection Act has.

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