Ban declawing of Cats in Quebec

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Declawing Cats is the procedure in which vets surgically remove a cat's nails as well as the ability to grow them.  Although it may seem harmless from the surface, it is a highly invasive procedure that is known to leave cats with chronic pain and may be the source of many negative behavioral issues.  

Due to decreasing ignorance on the topic, declawing is looked at as more and more harmful, immoral and unnecessary.  Plus many veterinarians outright refuse to perform it today, a principle reflected on the banned status of the procedure in 7 different provinces.  Its time that Quebec follows in their footsteps!

The "Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec" has the ability to make this much-needed change and enact the ban on this problematic procedure!

I ask you to sign this petition.  By doing so we are sending a message that we don't wish harm on these feline companions, that we reject these old standards of animal welfare and that most importantly of all, we don't believe convenience should outway the quality of life of our animal companions!  I wish to make a change and help us get our voices heard!