Oracle Corporation: Stop bundling Ask Toolbar with the Java installer

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Oracle Corporation: Stop bundling Ask Toolbar with the Java installer

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Started by Saeid Nourian

Java is a software package beloved by users and developers all over the world. Unfortunately Oracle Corporation decided to sacrifice the integrity of Java by bundling Ask Toolbar with Java in order to make few pennies per download in profit.

It is demeaning for a respected corporation such as Oracle to resort to such techniques only to make a small profit. Ask Toolbar hijacks user's default search engine and forwards them to Ask search engine which resorts to various misleading advertisement techniques in order to confuse the unsuspecting users into clicking on their paid ads.

More information about this deception can be found in this article:


- When you use Java’s automatic updater to install crucial security updates for Windows , third-party software is always included. The two additional packages delivered to users are the Ask Toolbar and McAfee Security Scanner.

- With every Java update, you must specifically opt out of the additional software installations. If you are busy or distracted or naïve enough to trust Java’s “recommendation,” you end up with unwanted software on your PC.

- IAC, which partners with Oracle to deliver the Ask toolbar, uses deceptive techniques to install its software. These techniques include social engineering that appears to be aimed at both novices and experienced computer users, behavior that may well be illegal in some jurisdictions.

- The Ask search page delivers inferior search results and uses misleading and possibly illegal techniques to deceive visitors into clicking paid ads instead of organic search results.

We, the users and Java programmers, hereby demand that the Oracle Corporation remove Ask Toolbar from the Java installer and not bundle any other 3rd party software with Java in the future.

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This petition had 21,792 supporters

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