OPPOSE Abortion Expansion Bills in RI

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We, the people of Rhode Island, firmly stand against the proposed abortion bills (H 5125 B, H 5127 and S 152), which legally allows abortion up until the day a child is due. These EXTREME bills go far beyond codifying "Roe v. Wade" by eliminating any constitutional restrictions on late-term abortions as well as methods of abortions. This is not a religious or political stance, but rather a moral line that we will not cross.

On Tuesday, January 29th, Rhode Islanders gathered at the State House for a hearing on the expansion of abortion laws. The pro-life supporters showed up in staggering numbers, begging the question, "who are the 71% of Rhode Islanders who support this type of abortion"? [Statistic claimed by pro-choice supporters in recent hearings]

Please help us be a voice for the voiceless and withstand this barbaric act. Sign your name to show our legislature that we oppose these bills!