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Open letter to Pope Francis concerning the crisis in Hamburg

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In Hamburg, Germany, eight Catholic schools are being closed. The archdiocese of Hamburg announced this decision on Friday, 19th of January without any previous dialogue with the affected people. The north of Germany, where Hamburg is situated, is part of the diaspora. Therefore, especially in this area Catholic schools are enormously important for the society as well as the Catholic faith and the evangelization of the youth.

For many centuries people from all over the world wrote letters to the Pope in all kind of different concerns. So it is our moral right and duty to inform the Pope about the situation in Hamburg. We want to ask him for help, support and mediation. Pope Francis impresses all Catholics by his mercy and wisdom.

Naturally, Pope Francis and our church have a lot of important concerns. One concern is the new evangelization! Hamburg is a region where only very few Catholics live. So it is a perfect place for the new Evangelization. The schools are a place for that. Therefore, we ask the Pope to help us.

Help us to write Pope Francis and let him know about the situation in Hamburg. Sign the petition! Here you can read about the background and the reasons!

The only reason for the school closure and several more budget measures is a deep financial crisis. According to a financial report made by the company Ernst & Young the current debt of the Archdiocese of Hamburg is about 79 million Euros. This debt can possibly rise up to more than 350 million Euros in 2021 if no measures are taken, according to E&Y.

Pope Francis talks about "the Church of the Poor" over and over again . At the same time he asks for a "culture of dialogue" within the church. While the Church in Hamburg apparently seems to be poor, it is not according to the doctrine of the church and Pope Francis that for very important pastoral decisions only economic reasons are considered.

In addition to that, the German Catholic Church is not poor! It rather is one of the wealthiest churches of the world. Therefore, the responsibility is even higher to spend the money in a way of solidarity and fairness. The German Church has a lot of different relief organizations for all over the world. Therefore, it is even more astonishing that there doesn't exist any solidarity within Germany and its churches.

The official letter to Pope Francis you can find here: Letter to Pope Francis English . Please sign and share the petition! 


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