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Ban tail docking and ear cropping in Ontario

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Quebec recently passed a rule that anybody, including veterinarians caught docking tails or cropping ears or performing cosmetic alterations to canines will be charged with performing veterinary services without a licence. With a fine of $1,500-$40,000. 

These procedures are banned by provincial law in PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador. While veterinary associations in B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia prohibit it. 

With Ontario being the highest populated province, I can't understand why we are so far behind in our animal rights practice and I would love to see the province follow suit. We are a country united and our love for nature and the wildlife around us is something we take pride in.

We need to ban these cosmetic alterations that do nothing but cause stress and like all medical surgeries, puts the animal at risk for medical complications. At what point do our animals have a right to a voice. 

Veterinary associations all over have been urging breeders and clinics to stop practicing these procedures and over the years, many countries have outlawed cropping and docking. 

Breeders argue that certain breed definitions for many show dogs still require these procedures and also argue that it is "a process that has been going on for years". 

The time for change is now. The ideal outcome is to have it outlawed, but we'll settle for prohibition. 

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