Start Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing In ONTARIO NOW

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If you have fever, runny nose or cough, the ONLY way to know that you do not have coronavirus is to get a swab done. We increase the risk of infection by going to ER or crowded walk-in clinics to get tested. 

Coronavirus cases have surpassed any other province in only the last few days in Ontario. So many people in my community are terrified that they may have COVID-19 and they can not speak to anyone. 811 lines/ Public Health phone lines are all busy. No one can tell them if they have coronavirus and where to get the swab done without putting themselves at even more risk. Most people have yet to be diagnosed.

We must make testing more widespread and more efficient. Cover more people in less time. Drive-thru testing is smarter, safer, faster, and more efficient—we need more people tested before it's too late! Implement drive-thru testing across all of Ontario and Canada immediately! 

It is already implemented rapidly in the US. This should have already been started a long time ago!

Credits: Nirav Saini