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Please read, sign and share with as many people as possible to make our schools safer and wake up our ministry of education to the serious problem!! This goes for all school boards. 

It’s time this stops and time to make a change. Let’s all pull together and insist the ministry of education track the use of seclusion rooms. (Any room where a child has to leave his classroom setting and go to an alternative room) there are multiple names for these rooms. Calming, snoozelen, quiet rooms, seclusion, time out, their space, alternative setting they sugar coat this many ways! Some parents agree to these rooms but we as parent did not consent to this!! This petition is to implement tracking, protect all children and make a change with the ministry of education. Support our schools by showing the need of  more staff and implementIng proper polices and procedures around the use of these spaces. 

Our son whom has Cerebral Palsy whom was 9 at the time, less than 4 feet tall and about 45lbs with quad spasticity therefore affecting balance and coordination. Due to this 

1. Anyone can outrun him

2. It would only take a nudge to send him off balance

3. He does not have the physical strength to cause serious harm.

He was a defenceless boy who was restrained in a chair and confined to a room for 1.5hrs. He received multiple bruises receiving emotional, physical and psychological distress. Left terrified, helpless, angry, sad, and hurt. They stripped him of his rights, dignity, respect and left him feeling worthless. Staff left him unsupervised, restrained in a chair while in this room and only checked on him every 10mins. Our child has a history of stroke and seizures and was left alone restrained to a chair in a heighten state unsupervised! Over not wanting to pick up after lunch. They said he was agitated though there was no documentation and no informing parents of these events. 

Through CAS investigations we were informed that this was a practise performed by all staff and all staff knew about it. This was performed numerous times within the 7months! No physical intervention forms were filed for any of the physical interventions performed on our son, this method was not part of his IEP and or safety plan. We did not give parental consent. 4 staff rotated to keep our child restrained and confined like a prisoner. Educational Assistants statements stated they did not know what a Physical intervention form was!!! Yet these people are working with special needs children. These are not medical qualified personal and they should not be allowed to make these judgment calls without a nurse on hand to monitor a student.

Schools across Ontario even across Canada  and the ministry must be forced to track the use of these rooms and if they insist on using these rooms they MUST implement the following:

Must have written parental consent prior to use If no consent obtained, illegal if used.  Parent must understand what the room is used for and receive paperwork following every use for their records. Transparency is key 

1. How often they are used
2. The length of time they are used for
3. All activity involved while in the room.
4. If the door is closed or open and if child is allowed to freely enter and or exit
5. All staff involved. If office called and or Principal contacted document their involvement and as much detail as possibly
6. Include any injuries and details of how they came about.
7. Debriefing and frequently follow ups to access if there’s any negative side affects etc.
8. Make this mandatory or fines for not reporting by all staff!
9. Just like physical intervention forms are a must. Forms for these alternative rooms are a must. 
10. Prior to use of a confinement room being used proper supports must be put into place IEP/Safety plane and EA supports. 
11. Mandatory Annual Mental Health training                                                        12. Staff a nurse qualified to monitor students that have to access these rooms and know their medical backgrounds and be available  on grounds during school hours. 
13. Accountability and consequences to staff when these are not followed. 

Reasons for this tracking is to ensure there’s proper supports and staff in schools. Work towards safer schools. A way to track traumatic events to students especially at the young developing years, to determine possible mental health issues in the future. Proper monitoring, resources and treatment for these students. Review with administration is lacking. Our country is having a huge crisis with mental health issues and these stats should be made available to Health Canada. Also to track how much education time is lost. 
Anonymous questionnaires and feedback would be beneficial and give the communities a voice. 

Before any physical restraint or confinement they must exhaust all other options and list those as well!

It is an issue that is often overlooked by many, because it has become the ‘norm’, and therefore is relatively unquestioned but it’s time for us to stand as one!! Parents, schools and communities!! 

****Why are our schools allowed to use these methods without parental consent without a signed doctors orders???!! If this isn’t a treatment for a specific child it should be classified as child abuse and individuals involved charged. Laws need to change and they need to act immediately****