Representation of Minorities within the Ontario Curriculum and Education System

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Dear Minister of Education

Canada is a widely diverse nation, yet the same diversity does not reflect in the Ontario curriculum and education system.

The minorities apart of the education system are not represented equally in the literature and history taught. Many Ontario students are oblivious to the voices that make up the beautiful country we live in. Most of the material taught is primarily focused on Canada’s involvement with other countries and skims through important social events and issues of minorities that happened within the country.

The curriculum should include more of the racial issues that occurred in Canada ex) Black History. Minority Canadian authors should also be highlighted in the English curriculum for deeper perspective, along with implementing anti-racist books and important stories.

Several minorities students feeling isolated at school is a direct result in the lack of diversity in the faculty of several schools. Minimizing the Teacher Diversity Gap and adding diverse role models can expand career aspirations and provide interesting point of views for students to learn.