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Petitioning Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and 26 others

Ontario Government: Respect the request from Toronto City Councillors for ranked ballots

Toronto City Council has formally asked the province for permission to use ranked ballots for municipal elections. We're calling on all provincial parties to respect the wishes of Toronto's elected City Councillors, and to support local democracy.

The Liberals, New Democrats, Conservatives and Greens ALL use runoff voting to choose their own leaders and candidates.  If it's good enough for them - it's good enough for Toronto.

The campaign for municipal ranked ballots is a multi-partisan effort, and now is the time to move it forward!  It's a small, simple change that would make Toronto's elections more fair, diverse, inclusive and friendly.

Letter to
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
Leader of the Opposition Tim Hudak
Leader of the Ontario NDP Andrea Horwath
and 24 others
Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Linda Jeffrey
PC Critic, Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark
NDP Critic, Municipal Affairs and Housing Cindy Forster
Toronto MPP Bas Balkissoon
Toronto MPP Brad Duguid
Toronto MPP Cheri DiNovo
Toronto MPP David Zimmer
Toronto MPP Donna Cansfield
Toronto MPP Eric Hoskins
Toronto MPP Glen Murray
Toronto MPP Jonah Schein
Toronto MPP Laura Albanese
Toronto MPP Lorenzo Berrardinetti
Toronto MPP Mario Sergio
Toronto MPP Michael Coteau
Toronto MPP Michael Prue
Toronto MPP Mike Colle
Toronto MPP Mitzie Hunter
Toronto MPP Monte Kwinter
Toronto MPP Peter Tabuns
Toronto MPP Rosario Marchese
Toronto MPP Shafiq Qaadri
Toronto MPP Soo Wong
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
On June 11, City Council voted 26 to 15 in favour of this motion:

"City Council request the Province of Ontario to amend the Municipal Elections Act to authorize the use and establish the framework of Ranked Choice Voting to permit Toronto City Council to use ranked ballots and instant runoff voting in municipal elections."

I'm calling on you, as a member of the provincial government, to respect the wishes of Toronto's elected City Councillors.