Make All Ontario Politicians Take Mandatory Math Test Every Year

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"The Ontario government wants to implement a mandatory annual math test that all teachers must pass if they want to continue to teach." Jordan Posluns -

This is clearly done to humiliate teachers under the guise of ensuring that only the best draw a paycheque from the public sector. Wouldn't it be wise to ensure that those creating the budget and authoring the policy of how our money is being spent be equally qualified as our teachers? 

"The PC government is considering implementing a mandatory annual math test that all Ontario teachers must pass if they want to continue to teach." Posluns

Members of Ontario's legislative body should be at least held up to the same standards as other public sector workers, some believe our representatives should be held to the highest of standards. They hold our public trust and our public treasury. Let's make sure they're qualified

Winning an election isn't that difficult, managing Ontario's wellbeing is. Only the grades of those who fail - or fail to write the exam - will be made public. We only want the best for Ontario and that starts from the top down.

I'm sure the Ford Nation will get behind this, they seem to want accountability for some civil servants, let's start with our Legislature!