Don't Ban Cell Phones in Classrooms

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As of some of you heard, Ontario wants to ban cell phones in classrooms across Ontario starting next year. Other provinces were against that decision and so are we. Sign this petition if you are against the decision of banning cellphones in classrooms in Ontario.

And in the event of an emergency a 911 call needed or an ambulance needed a cell phone comes in very handy . As for students using them to cheat on exams this is certainly a different problem and likely why they want to ban them in the first place but not all children are dishonest, and if they couldn't cheat using cellphones the would try to cheat in a different way which makes the ban useless. The option would be to have cell phone off or muted during classes. - Danny Fournier. 

Cellphones also help students focus in classrooms, especially if they were finishing assignments, they can listen to music which makes them focus on the work.

and write a good reason to why you are against that decision, and the best reasons will be pinned. Thank You!