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Increase hardship fund amount for College Students #hardshipfund

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The Ontario College Strike has finally come to an end. The Ontario’s Liberal government announced it will help students who are struggling financially due to the faculty strike at community colleges.

But they only provided each student that needed the funding only $500. Which is far from enough to even cover the raising rent costs for 1 month. According to the average rent price for 1 month is $910 in Ontario. Plus Ontario Colleges have mentioned that the $500 is also for incremental unexpected costs they incurred, such as additional child care fees, rebooked train, plane or bus tickets.

The Ontario government and Ontario colleges should increase the funds for students so that students can at least pay for 1 month of rent. The schools should either increase the fund per student to $1000 or fund each student according to specific needs of each individual.

("Essentially, if we all register for this $500, we will all be getting $10 back," she said, adding that she knows a student who had spent $1,600 on daycare bills since the strike began. 

"Five hundred dollars barely makes a dent in her daycare bill, let alone anything else," she said. ) -Quoted from


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