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Amy Smith started this petition to Onision and Shiloh- End the Deception

The amount of deception, exploitation,misinformation, and manipulation is appalling on the following Youtube channels:

"Onision", "Onisionencore", "Onisionspeaks", "Onisionarchive", "Draculoh", and "ShilohOffical".

Update 12/20/11: Unfortunately, the goal of 1000 signatures wasn't reached until December 20th. That's alright, I will leave the petition open until March 15 and anyone who wishes to sign still has the opportunity to do so. Let's see how far this goes. To all who have signed and contributed, thank you!

By December 18th, my goal is to reach at least 1000 signatures and get 1000 people to unsubcribe from the above channels [Update: Goal reached on December 20, 2011]. Let us stop enabling these individuals and show them that they cannot make a profit from exploitation and lies. Amnesia, seizures,miscarriage, and Sepsis [a fatal disease that has the potential to kill within 24 hours],is NOT amusing and is insulting to those who've endured these hardships in their lives.

Here is a quote by "petercoffin" regarding the most recent video involving Sepsis:


"Sepsis is a medical emergency and should be treated immediately. Not several days from now in Canada. Onision and Shiloh are lying. At this point, I believe it is safe to say that Onision and Shiloh are dangerous. What they are putting out on YouTube is training their audience to react with low priority to extremely grave situations. And their audience does what they say, too.

Their audience, for instance, accepts that she has sepsis.

If Shiloh had as grave an infection as sepsis and they had to go to Canada for treatment, they would be in Canada now. Not posting videos about how she will be in Canada in several days. If you are diagnosed with Sepsis, you should be in a hospital within hours. You do not know how serious it is or how far it has progressed. And for that reason, you should be in an E.R. Today. Not in several days. Today. Like get in the car now. Now. Not tomorrow, not in a couple days. Now. Now. Now.

Either those two are massively negligent regarding their own health (doubtful), or they are massive liars taking advantage of many people. I have had a problem with Onision a long time, and decided I would keep my mouth shut. No more. They are getting away with too much.

On the teeny-tiny off-chance they are telling the truth and are negligent to the point of endangerment, they are teaching their audience… That when they have a severe infection/medical emergency, they shouldn’t go to the hospital NOW. They should sit around and cry. Meanwhile, your body is gradually filling with bacteria, which it tries to fight with antibodies. The antibodies are so numerous the body reacts with inflammation. The inflammation becomes so severe miniature blood clots form.

As if that isn’t dangerous enough, the body can go into septic shock which has a roughly 50% mortality rate. You don’t have to die of sepsis if you treat it early. As in if you are too cheap to go to the American hospital but live in Washington state, you get in the fucking car and drive to the Canadian hospital your Canadian fiance wants to go to. Or be negligent. If you’re not a couple of raging fucking liars. Which Onision and Shiloh are. Stop paying attention to these frauds."    -Petercoffin


By signing this petition, you are therefore agreeing to flag "Shiloh has Sepsis" for "Fraud" [ Video removed by Onision- N/A] and unsubscribe from all of the channels listed above.

Thank you.

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This petition had 3,028 supporters

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