Open criminal proceedings against those responsible in the fatality of Stephan Dalitz

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"Never again will you laugh
Never again will you make jokes
We will never see you again
Never understand your death." Jessika

On 17.11.2012, Stephan Dalitz was leaving a nightclub when he was knocked to the ground by two men known for their right-wing views in an unprovoked attack. Lying on the ground unconscious and in the presence of numerous onlookers, Stephan was then kicked in the head with a shodden foot. Just one single person tried to help by intervening to prevent further injuries and calling the emergency services. Without the help of this bystander, Stephan would have died that day. The external wounds of this severe injury healed, but the internal wounds remained. My son gradually developed symptoms including paraxysmal dyspnonea, nightmares, sleep disorders, flashbacks and claustrophobia, indicating a post-traumatic stress disorder.
As a result, Stephan dropped out of his vocational training, withdrew more and more and neglected his friends. He needed time for himself. After all, he received no help following his terrible experience. To give him hope, we asked the Weisser Ring for help in September 2013, and Stephan received an appointment at a Brandenburg psychiatric clinic (Teupitz) on 05.11.2013 by telephone. Until that time, there had been no reliable diagnosis and no investigations were made to rule out organ damage. In the hope of receiving treatment, Stephan went without a referral to the psychiatric clinic in Teupitz on the agreed date accompanied by his 22-year-old sister. The siblings were welcomed by the ward nurse but felt uneasy due to the unfamiliar processes in these facilities. However they recognized the doctor from the preliminary talks with the Weisser Ring and this prevented them from leaving.
After waiting half an hour, the doctor returned. Without informing Stephan about treatment options, she went to take a blood sample, which he refused as he was afraid. Stephan had not had the chance to build any trust with this doctor and decided to leave the clinic. Promising to discuss treatment options with my son, the doctor talked to his sister to convince her brother to return. Stephan agreed and returned to the clinic despite feeling uneasy. However, this second conversation was also unsatisfactory for my son as he did not understand why it was necessary to stay on the psychiatric ward overnight. Frightened and intimidated by these procedures, my son just wanted to return home to a familiar environment.

But this didn’t happen. Without any notice, the exits were blocked by the staff on the ward. Stephan was forcibly prevented from leaving and was taken to a locked psychiatric ward. The medical staff kept him on the ward according to the psychological-health law without a judicial hearing. His sister was forced to watch helplessly at this, and could do nothing to support her brother. On the locked psychiatric ward, Stephan was kept in a darkened room with bars on the windows, and restrained using a four-point restraint for 9.5 hours. According to the patient file, which I only saw months after the death of my son, in this time, Stephan was continually given five different psychotropic drugs in oral form, and into the muscle and vein. There was nothing anyone could have done for my son Stephan Dalitz on 05.11.2013. This must have been an unimaginable torment for Stephan.
Once my daughter had informed me of the incident, I brought criminal charges against the medical staff responsible on the morning of 06.11.2013 and made my way to the hospital. I appeared on time for the court hearing. The judge ruled against Stephan being kept on the ward and ordered his immediate release.
In the presence of the judge, Stephan talked about the agony of torture. "I was tortured as if it were the Middle Ages. It was the worst thing I have ever had to experience," were his words, and I will remember them for the rest of my life.
Despite my demands, the doctors refused to hand out a discharge summary. There was neither safety information, indispensable after the compulsive giving of psychotropic drugs, nor did I have the opportunity, as a mother, to examine the patient chart. In addition, the medical staff asked me to withdraw the criminal complaints against them, which I refused.
Back at home, Stephan wanted to sleep and recover from the pain. However he first decided to go for a walk with his dog around 3:30 pm. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he started suffering terrible side effects from the medication at around 4 pm, caused by the compulsory giving of psychotropic drugs. Stephan could not speak and his jaw lolled open. (These are common symptoms following the administration of neuroleptics.) Panic set in, but because of the torture in the psychiatric ward at Teupitz, Stephan did not feel ready to return to hospital. He promised his sister that he would wait for my return from the late shift.
However the side effects worsened. Stephan hoped to get some relief by going on another
walk, but was hit by a passing train at 120 km/h and pulled to his death. I apologized to Stephan for what other people did to him. During his lifetime I promised him that the people responsible would be held accountable. In January 2014, my lawyer informed me that high-doses of psychotropic drugs had
been detected in Stephan's tissue samples. Psychotropic drugs which were forcibly administered and abruptly discontinued.
Please help me appeal to the judges, to reveal the truth behind the senseless death of my son Stephan Dalitz and to open a criminal case against the staff, against the doctors and against the people responsible at the psychiatric ward at Teupitz. The pain, the cost, and the struggle to understand remain with those who knew and loved Stephan.
Please help me to speed up this process. The people who inflicted this suffering on Stephan must be held accountable.
This cannot be allowed to happen again!

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                                          Chris-Romy Dalitz