Don't Move Saddleworth School

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We the undersigned reject the proposal to build a school in Diggle on greenfield and greenbelt land and request that the new Saddleworth School is built on the existing Uppermill site.

Our Objections

Our objections are not about whether Saddleworth needs a new school or not.

We believe it does, but we want the school in the right location.One that will benefit the whole of Saddleworth whilst keeping intact the delicate balance of rural and village life which gives Saddleworth its unique historical and visual character now and for future generations.

Oldham Council is proposing to build a new Saddleworth School for 1500 pupils on the green fields adjacent to Huddersfield Road in Diggle, which includes Green Belt land.

Our objections are that the proposal is the wrong location, the school is being moved unnecessarily and that it will result in an inferior educational facility for the long term future of Saddleworth children.

We believe that the new school should be built on the existing school site in Uppermill, as is the case for over 90% of all present government funded school rebuilds and that the Diggle site is the wrong choice for the following reasons:

Infrastructure: Uppermill already has all the necessary facilities and transport links.

Access: The access into Diggle is extremely constricted and no solution has yet been found to resolve this.

Travel: The location will mean longer journey times for children from the moredistant areas of Saddleworth.  Hundreds of children who now walk to school will no longer be able to. Greater problems for those not on a direct bus route.

Traffic levels. The development will bring high levels of additional private cars and buses to a village environment.

Environment: Building a major development of this type in a small rural village environment, located in such a narrow valley will destroy the character of the valley and have a detrimental impact on Saddleworth as a whole.How can this be allowed to happen when the existing site is available?  

Consequently we believe that Oldham Council's approach to the future of Saddleworth School is driven, not by educational needs, but by financial considerations.

Full information on the shortcomings of Oldham Council’s proposals can be found here:-