Save Oldham Coliseum Theatre

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Oldham Coliseum is a rare treasure and one of the oldest theatres in the country, from 1887. Also it has constantly been a theatre since then, and amazingly is still an operational theatre, and had a refurbishment in 2012. However, unfortunately, I fear there are plans to demolish it. This is because there are plans to move the Oldham Coliseum to a new venue, that is not built yet, next to the historic art gallery in Oldham, the new venue has been approved recently, and is due to be completed in 2020. (Part of Oldham's £350 million refurbishment 'masterplan'). The Coliseum press office and Oldham council are very coy about publicising what will happen to the old venue, but the council has earmarked it, along with Tommyfield Market, the civic centre, oldham police station, former oldham sports centre and former the magistrates court, as coming to 'the end of its economic life'. They are probably going to build houses or shops on these sites apparently. A news article also mentioned that the refurbishment in 2012 (which has left the venue looking fantastic, with new plush seats and a new box office) has only prolonged the life of the building by another 10 years? something to do with asbestos perhaps?. The OJUE notice to find a partner for the works is expected to be triggered in June 2018, and selection of preferred partner and on-site works will begin in Autumn 2019. Please save the Coliseum, thousands in Oldham and beyond (pantomime attracts 35k a year) will be sickened if it is knocked down, but I don't think many have perceived the threat to their beloved coliseum yet, or it would be listed already, as it rightly should be. Please help. I went there every year to the famous 'Panto' with my beloved grandparents, only one of whom remains, and aged 93, it would greatly distress her to see the Coliseum go.