More appropriate radio content in the day time!

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I am a mother with two young children. I was listening to the radio singing along when when sexually explicit lyrics were played with no editing. Ellie goulding was played, a song whereby she sings about being high and getting drunk on train tracks. Katy Perry was played, a song about spreading her legs like a buffet, being on the menu and oral sex. My husband and I were horrified. It was the middle of a bank holiday weekend in the afternoon. We should not have to be in a situation whereby i need to explain to my three year old why she cant sing this in the nursery and school playground!

The sad thing is, this is by no means an isolated incident. Our children are bombarded by these inappropriate and increasingly sexualised messages and this is damaging to them. We need to protect our children from this inappropriate and explicit content from artists they may look up too. I feel that being exposed to this content opens children up to believe this is normal making them more vulnerable to predatory agents. It is also discriminatory  to children, parents and those who are around children who want to listen to the radio. My children and I love music, however, I no longer listen to the radio unless it's a classical station. For the moment, we play edited clean cds  and audio books. 


What we would love to achieve is:

  • A radio watershed similar to the T.V. , whereby explicit  or inappropriate content is played after a certain time.
  • Clean, edited versions of explicit songs should be played on the radio before the watershed or not at all.
  • At the very least a warning should be given before playing such inappropriate material so that parents can turn the radio off.

So please, if you are a parent or grandparent, a teacher, Aunty or uncle or just care about protecting and allowing children to be children, and stopping them being exposed to things they are too young to understand; Please sign my petition.