Have Donna Blackburn Removed from Board of Trustees

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On march 27 2020 at around 5:30pm Ottawa SCHOOL Trustee DONNA BLACKBURN came across a high school student ALONE at Foxfield Park in Barrhaven shooting a few hoops and took it upon herself to interrogate said student. Donna Blackburn took it as far as calling by-law and threatened to follow the student home "if she had to" . After continuing to threaten the student and make racial remarks Donna Blackburn snapped a photo of the student WITHOUT CONSENT and posted it online trying to publicly shame him . 

This incident is not the first for Donna.  In 2016 Blackburn found herself apologizing for racial remarks she made towards her own colleague after she adopted two young daughters from Guyana.

Blackburn was previously sanctioned by the OCDSB in 2018 for code of conduct accusations.

How many more incidents until this lady is repremanded?!  This is someone who is supposed to be standing up to bullying in our kids schools but is a bully herself ??

Something needs to be done !!!