Occupy: The Virginia Company of 1607 the Start of Systemized Creation of Inequality for Wealth

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Occupy: The Virginia Company of 1607 the Start of Systemized Creation of Inequality for Wealth

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Jim Marshall started this petition to President of the United States President Barack Obama and

Please look at the following Youtube video to understand what our current 3 class system was like at its worse. "A Chilling Account Of Our History"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy1Fi9M9FTo

Laws Defining the Classes "The Middle/Second Class Tax Relief Act of 2010"

The purpose of this petition is request action from President Barack Obama to stop defining United States citizens in class categories of Upper, Middle and Lower class catagories. By no fault of his President Obama uses an institutionalized ideology to define citizens by a three class system of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class in creating and discussing economic policy. This petition “requests” the President Obama lead this nation to a new era by officially removing any reference to class in matters that shape public policy and/or law. By defining all citizens properly he can better help design our nation. Lumping people into three groups promotes vagueness in policy discussions and offers and easy way out where informed decisions are neccessary. The only way to get specific is to specify. I for one am tired of being "lumped" into a group and then taking a "lump" on the head. President Obama: You must change the tone of the discussion by changing the definition of the discussion! Movements like Occupy Wall Street speak directly to this as the 99%. But, we are so much more!

Why Defining citizens as 1st, 2nd and 3rd class is wrong:  See a historical account USA Orgins founded in  "The Virginia Company" See How It All Started the power point has pictures :-) (powerpoint)   or  (web/html version) .

Defining citizens as 1st, 2nd or 3rd class and creating public policy addressing class levels endorses a continued class system. Clearly the President did not create the class system and is attacked for trying to level the playing fields. But using class definitions to address equality is impossible since a class system by definition requires inequality. And, the use of class definitions only perpetuates its existence.

Our nation has used a classes system as a means of creating wealth since King James I hired the Plymouth Company and the London Company in a joint venture called the Virginia Company to create settlements for the sole purpose of making money for wealthy trading capitalist.  A majority of settlers who came from Europe were indentured servants. Indentured servitude was an idea created by wealthy land owners to obtain labors to work their land. Because indentured servants were only bound to servitude for periods of 4 to 7 years land owners needed a more permanent source of cheap labor: “slavery”. Slavery was institutionalized by the House of Burgesses enacted a new slave code in 1705, bringing together the scattered legislation of the previous century and adding new provisions that embedded the principles of white supremacy in the law.  (See a complete list of Slave Codes created by the Wealthy and the House of Burgesses) This set a permanent working class for an indefinite a period of time which resulted in generations of wealth for landowner, their descendants, and the nation!  See the "powerpoint" or "html" version of US History to this point.  After, slavery there was share cropping .  During the industrial revolution there were sweat shops and child labor.  The now so called middle class defines the descendants of indentured servants, slaves, sharecroppers (images), sweat shops, child laborers, railroad works (images), and coal miners. In other societies this working class has been referred to in many different ways such as peasants, surfs, proletariat, working class, middle class, and poor. It’s all the same. Many people in the United States by definition are proletariat meaning owning very little except children this was defined of the average person of Rome.  By defining a class system you create and support a continued class system.  It is unjust. We need a more accurate definition of our society.

As You Defines Us You Design Us:

President Lincoln took a step in the right direction with the Emancipation Proclamation (see actual document). It would speak volumes if President Obama could draft a new proclamation officially denouncing the United States government’s support of the three class system. He could emancipate us from an institutionalized definition of who we are: “a three class system”. This three class system is based on an ideology rooted in those of wealth using the less advantaged as a means to an end since the first charter of the Virginia Company to colonize these lands for trade and commerce. See a historical account USA Orgins founded in  "The Virginia Company" See How It All Started the power point has pictures :-)  (powerpoint)   or  (web/html version) .

President Obama you have the power to “Create an Executive Order” that “official” removes class definition of citizens from all matters shaping public policy. Create a new grouping of definitions that more closely matches the professional contribution of citizens to society. Define “We the People” with the dignity, honor, and hard work our contribution to society deserves. Define us in “Talent Pools”. President Obama, change the conversational landscape by which our government refers to its people. As a result citizens will better understand their role or potential role in society. Better understanding provides clarity of ownership and stake in the nation’s success. By creating new definitions of society we will operate in a more advanced social structure "being as wise as the ants" that work harmoniously and successfully as one nation, "not" three (Upper, Middle & Poor).

Mr. President to tell the world it is no longer acceptable to define United States citizens, into a three class system. In your next State Of The Union give our country a brief history lesson starting with the Virginia Company of 1607 as how the wealthy have controlled the population since our inception

11/6/2011- (cnn) Boehner tells Obama its "wrong” to push “Class" Warfare stating the top 1% pays 38% of our taxes. Obama define this 1% who clearly wheeled  nearly 40% of US revenue over head of government leaders like John Boehner.   And, also define those you refer to as the 2nd and 3rd class more properly in terms we can grasp.

Starting with the Virginia Company of 1607 "follow the money trail" of the nations wealthy for a full account of the Top 1% 

9/22/2011-(cbsnews) Obama says he is a Warrior for the "Middle Class"

The President needs to properly define those he is fighting for and against.

2/21/2002 - (usatoday)  "New York Life has over 339 of it’s originally 1000 policy’s on the lives of slaves in an effort by the slave owners to protect their investments.  New York Life turned out pretty good financially.  Sadly private companies like New Your life have old money that goes back to the inception of this country.  The decendents of the wealthy land owners of the past did not go away they just hide behind a company name now. Some people are so impressed by weatlh they choose to over look its orgins (follow the money trail). If John Boehner looks deeper he might not think so highly of all the so called top 1% who make up 39% of the USA tax revenues.

The State of California uncovered insurance polices showing where some of our top 1% created the seeds of their current wealth off the backs of the so called under classed "slaves".    More on Slaves

"Follow the Money Trail"

Companies listed are NewYork Life, Aetna, and AIG AIG recieved over $170 Billion in tax payer "Bail Out  Money" .  How ironic that a company like AIG earn its initial wealth through the bad Capitalism of slavery, and was then bailed out by the same tax dollars of those it help exploit. 

Beohner if any portion of  top 1% who pay 39% of the bills earn the money off the backs of the other 99% now middle income and zero incomes of the past.  then they owe a debt to the middle class, and should pay those earning in higher tax.

Court documents show 12 corporations, mostly in finance, railroads  and tobacco -- which campaigners say benefited most from slavery -- are 
named in law suits. They are: Investment banks J.P Morgan Chase  & Co. (NYSE:JPM - News), Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (NYSE:LEH -  News) and Brown Brothers Harriman; insurers American International Group  Inc. (NYSE:AIG - News) and Lloyd's of London; tobacco and insurance conglomerate Loews Corp.(NYSE:LTR - News); railroad firms Union Pacific Corp. (NYSE:UNP - News) and Norfolk Southern Corp. (NYSE:NSC - News); textile firm WestPoint Stevens Inc.(NYSE:WXS - News); and tobacco-makers R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Holdings Inc. (NYSE:RJR - News), Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., and Liggett Group Inc., now  indirectly owned by Vector Group Ltd.


Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with earning a great living and becoming wealthy. 

What Steve Jobs did for Apple and the world is a wonderful thing. He has helped enrich many lives. The wealth he created is the real U.S. American dream we should all aspire to.  Furthermore the profits generated by his product were based on great quality and value.

Warren Buffet, another great U.S. American, also created wealth through his smarts and hard work. Our children would do well to follow in his example of saving and investing properly.

It is disingenuous of those who have earned wealth by capitalizing on the less fortunate second or third class  to claim categorization with people like the Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett.  Furthermore anyone who has wealth that was a result of bad capitalism like indentured servants, slavery, sweat shops, and child labor they should not to suggest to government officials like John Boenor they are "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" top earners. By not defining properly those fighting for the Upper Class are able to lump people like Steve Jobs and Apple with companies like AIG.  There are two differnt types of top earners those who earn it off the soles of their feet and those that earned it off the backs of others.  "Open your eyes."









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