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This petition was created to spread awareness and encourage action on rapid, man-caused global warming.

Although we appreciate President Obama what he has done, this is not nearly enough. So, we are asking Obama for strong leadership and immediate action to help preserve our climate. Let your voice be heard: sign this petition. Encourage your friends and family to sign it too.

We want President Obama to do everything in his power to preserve a livable climate!  Most importantly, we want him to deliver a prime-time, nationally-televised "State of the Climate" address, confirming that rapid global warming is a real, human-caused problem; that it represents both a threat to our way of life, and a huge economic opportunity; and that it demands our urgent attention if we are to avoid getting beyond serious climate "tipping points."

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Letter to
President of the United States
We are writing to ask for your brave, aggressive global leadership on climate change.

Please be a stronger leader and do what is needed to inform US citizens, encouraging people to work together to preserve a livable climate for all. Our number one request is for you to take immediate steps to see that misinformed Americans become informed about climate change, and the importance of acting now. You can easily do this by giving a prime-time, nationally-televised "State of the Climate" address to inform misinformed Americans of the tremendous threats and opportunities surrounding this unprecedented issue.

Delaying an aggressive conversion to green energy dangerously increases the chances that we'll reach unacceptable climate tipping points. We don't want to be asking why you didn't act sooner. Time is of the essence!

All environmentally concerned groups and individuals from around the world look forward to your immediate attention to this issue. You'll become an all-time, global hero by leading!

This could also be a pathway to assuring yourself of a timeless place in mans' history of the world.


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