Stop loved ones from Dying from insufficient medical attention.

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New Zealand General Practitioners are not monitored by an independent Health Review Office in their Medical Practices and are not held accountable for their decisions regarding their diagnosis or lack of, patients' illnesses and subsequent treatment.

From 2008 until 2012 my daughter Susan McEwan, who was employed by Air New Zealand as an International Flight Concierge, was driven to consult ten General Practitioners in six Medical Practices in two cities, Auckland and Napier. Facts established by Health and Disability Commission. Susan visited the G.P's often in an acute state because of time constraints, with recurring abdominal and pelvic pain, extreme tiredness and abdominal bloating. Many times she was seen by a G.P. with no recognition of the gravity of her increasing undiagnosed cancer. She often complained to her sister that she was not taken seriously and sent home to rest. Susan suffered this for four years until she was finally seen by a female medical intern in 2012 who sent her for the correct tests which confirmed that she was suffering from ovarian cancer at stage 3c. 

Susan underwent an operation and six chemotherapy treatments and fought this cancer for two extra years before dying on 10th April 2014. How could Susan have been failed not once, but ten times by G.P's over a period of four years? She was diligent in pursuing avenues to ascertain the cause of her symptoms. There are no excuses. Also there have been no repercussions. Those G.P's continue to practise with their dubious diagnostic skills.

By contrast in Education, there are many organisations reviewing teaching practitioners, the schools and delivery of curriculum. These include but are not limited to, Education Review Office, Teacher Registration Board, Teacher Disciplinary Board, Police Check, Board of Trustees, School Trustee Association and recently the Teachers Council of Aotearoa, all tax payer funded. 

Everyone with a job is independently monitored and accountable, except General Practitioners.

It is imperative that there be more monitoring of General Practitioners as they work and accountable for their diagnoses and subsequent treatment. It is unacceptable that patients like Susan and others have to suffer such negligence.

Confidence must be returned to a visit to a G.P. We respectfully request your support with this petition. Thank you.






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