BAN environmentally disastrous 'Micro Bead' Products in NZ

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You don't have to look far to see the environmental impact we are making on our beautiful country and the world, and you certainly can look even closer to home to find products and services that contribute to this unnecessarily

One in particular seems to have no real purpose whatsoever to me (although there are many others) as natural alternatives are plentiful.

Most people, particularly women, must have heard of Micro Beads.  Tiny balls of plastic less then 5mm in diameter that are added to cosmetic products for 'exfoliating' purposes.  They are found in facial scrubs and even toothpastes!

Perhaps Micro Beads are a way to 'recycle' our old plastic bags and milk bottles into something else?  Something else we willingly then pay for again, only to wash millions of incredibly harmful tiny beads of plastic down the drain into our rivers and oceans?  Does this seem logical?

Micro beads are made of polyethylene (a petrochemical used to make plastic bags), polypropolene (another petrochemical derived from polyethylene, used to make thermal underwear and carpet) and/or polystyrene (which is incredibly slow to biodegrade).  Is this really what you want to be rubbing all over your face and body as well as putting in your mouth and own digestive system?

Micro Beads have been found in the stomach contents of marine and bird life all over the world

"According to Greenpeace’s analysis of 58 international ­academic studies, microplastic pollutants, including microbeads, have been found in around 170 types of commonly consumed seafood including mussels, lobsters, oysters and fish such as bluefin tuna and grey mullet."

If NZ really wishes to purvey themselves as clean and green, we have to be leaders in taking action on unnecessary harm, to the environment, ourselves and others.

See this website if you want to read more about Micro Beads and the effect they are having on the environment and to see which other countries and areas are taking action on this ban. 

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