A 30% increase in wages for All Essential Service Employees

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We at the SIIM would like to purpose a 30% increase in wage's for all the essential service employees until Lock-down is over.

A lot of these people are working for next to minimum or on minimum wage exposing themselves to thousands of people so we can remain feed etc, A lot of these people are putting them selves in isolation from their family's as well to minimise the risk to their own family's,

We believe that working in a supermarket now requires 'danger money'.

"I don't want to have to go to the supermarket for a minimum two weeks and yet thousands of employees must spend just about every day there for the next 4 weeks minimum."

We believe the supermarket chains and employers should be required to take most of the bill for this but I also think the government should help out some as well. We are being paid to stay at home. Why not pay extra for those who have to go out and face the dangers everyday?