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Nylon Magazine, put Globelamps story back online! Stick to your publication!

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Original Article taken down by Nylon:


"Globelamps Elizabeth Le Fey On Sean Lennons Violence Against Women, and the power of protest." Was the title of a very power article that was taken down on September 15,2016 by a huge self proclaimed "feminist" publication Nylon Magazine. "I want to help women to stand up and use their voices more"- said Elizabeth Le Fey after coming out completely vulnerable and releasing her story of abuse and legal injustice within the music industry to the world.  Nylon wrote a beautifully written, deeply thought out article (PFD linked above, saved by a Fan of Le Fey) giving Le Fey a voice, an opportunity that victims  rarely attain- a opportunity to empower women that have been through similar Injustice, to speak up and fight for their rights- but as quickly as Nylon Magzaine gave Elizabeth a voice, they quickly silence her voice as well. Most believe Sean Lennons or Foxygens, Sam Francis (abuser) lawyer had something to do with it- and quiet frankly there's is no other reason this article would be taken down. Nylon claims to be a feminist  community that stands behind women but apparently can easily be retracted if the price is right. This petition is for Nylon Magazine to stick to their publication  and republish this article that deserves to be heard. This is not only about one woman. This is about our generation and past generations of women who have been abused and forced into silence by society.The power of protest is strong and we are here to prove it!! 





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