Vacate grand jury indictment of Radonda Leanne Vaught, former registered nurse

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A former Registered Nurse in Tennessee, Radonda Vaught, was indicted by a grand jury for reckless homicide and impaired adult abuse for allegedly making a medication administration error that caused the death of a patient. 

It is unfortunate when any healthcare provider makes a mistake, especially when a mistake causes injury or death to a patient. Lethal medication errors cause devastation for the patients’ families, the involved healthcare providers, and the healthcare providers' families. Any healthcare provider who unintentionally causes injury or death to another person has a lifetime of torment to reflect on the outcomes of his or actions.

It is deplorable that any District Attorney or other authorized official would convene a grand jury to consider an indictment of reckless homicide and adult abuse against any healthcare provider who makes an error in his or her professional practices.

Every healthcare provider in the United States should be appalled by the indictment of Radonda Vaught, former registered nurse; and every healthcare provider should be  anxious and losing sleep thinking that a mistake during their professional practices could lead to murder charges and a prison sentence. The indictment of this former registered nurse is setting a precedent of which all healthcare providers should be terrified. Ms. Vaught allegedly performing a medication dispensing override is a major factor in her being indicted; this is an action that many healthcare providers perform numerous times in a shift. Any healthcare provider could easily be in Ms. Vaught’s situation. 

At the time Ms. Vaught allegedly made a fatal medication error, she had been licensed as a registered nurse, according to the Tennessee Department of Health Licensure Verification website, for only 2 years. She was an inexperienced nurse who allegedly made a fatal mistake. This does not justify the former registered nurse being indicted for murder and abuse.

Please help to vacate the indictment of this former registered nurse. Enough lives have been ruined by this alleged mistake. It is not warranted to ruin more lives because a district attorney is convening grand juries to indict healthcare providers for making mistakes. Unintentional errors by healthcare providers that cause harm to patients justifies actions by the appropriate professional regulatory boards; not criminal indictments by a district attorney and grand jury.