Percentile system in JEE Main conducted by NTA flawed and unfair, Needs to be changed.

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NTA is National Testing Agency is an Indian government agency that has been approved by the Union Council of Ministers and established in November 2017 to conduct entrance examinations for higher educational institutions. This agency, when formed said in an interview in the year 2018 that, their core motive is to benefit the students. And they proclaimed by saying that they would conduct JEE-Main, NEET twice a year to help weak students getting a second chance. And, also to implement Computer Based Test to promote a DIGITAL INDIA. (And, Every student appreciated this judgement)

As per NTA, "National Testing Agency (NTA) has been established as a premier, specialist, autonomous and self-sustained testing organization to conduct entrance examinations for admission/fellowship in higher educational institutions."

But, what they did to students is termed, "Injustice" and not "Help".
Issues as per most of the students:

  • They did not reveal the RAW SCORE(the marks one got out of 360 in JEE MAIN), which is the violation of RTI.
  •  The Rank v/s Marks ratio is remarkably faulty. How? check below.
    --> JEE Main 2018 is considered to be the hardest JEE Main ever (By JEE Experts), and a score of 300/360 would vaguely land a student getting a rank around 150-200.
    --> JEE Main 2017 is considered to be the easiest JEE Main ever (By JEE Experts), and a score of 300/360 would vaguely land a student getting a rank 200-230.
    --> And shockingly, in JEE MAIN 2019 a student scoring around 300 got a rank of 2800. 
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As per last year's data, a mark of 200 fetched a rank of 9000 approximately, and not-to-be-shocked, this year it fetched around 18000.
  • As pointed by a YouTube channel("Career Point Kota"), If first 15 students (with 100%tile) of January attempt do not appear for April attempt then new 15 students (new 100%tile) will emerge hence the 16th Ranker in January attempt will become 31 Ranker after April attempt. Although this is a worst case scenario, but still it gives the idea. Just think what will happen for 5000, 10000, 15000 ranker of January attempt! SO THAT MEANS TO SECURE ONE's RANK, ONE HAD TO ATTEMPT BOTH THE EXAMS, SO HOW DOES THIS HELP A STUDENT.
  • What if coincidently, majority of the 100 ranker-quality students(if there was only singe exam) gets the same date for their exam, then the students getting around 240 marks(equivalent to 5000 rank, if a single exam was conducted) would get a dreadful rank possibly in 10,000. And, what if, the best student on a day of exam(let say could score only 300 rank, if single exam would be conducted), then he'd get a rank below 40, as per the current NTA policy. And, getting a better rank would be a cakewalk for the students. Although this is a worst case scenario, but still it gives the idea.

Being a MATHEMATICS student you might understand, that although the probabilityof such kind of case is quite low, but is still possible. NTA didn't planned to arrange the students(because they had no data about the quality of students), rather they just arranged all the students randomly. And leaving the situation on GOD("Ram Bharose"), shouldn't be any option in an exam like the JEE.

The questions raised here are:
1.) Is the Normalisation by NTA so poor that would create such a large difference?

2.) Why are the officials of NTA hiding the raw score?

So, This petition is for the NTA, to make them answer questions like this.

Also, share this petition with all your JEE Aspirant mates, so they could raise their voice as well. A collective call can be helpful for all of us.

For this you can also raise your voice by using #NTARuinsJEE.

If you appeared for JEE 2019, you should sign this and share this to get justice. 
If you are appearing for JEE 2020, you should sign this and share this so you'd be exempted from this, and this percentile system gets scrapped.

Raised by a student among you all.