Coronavirus - NSW schools to order students from China trip to stay home for 2 weeks

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Many students have returned to China this school holiday to visit family and friends as January 25 is the Chinese New Year. They have been or will be returning to Sydney soon before school starts on January 28. There is currently an outbreak of the very contagious coronavirus in China and it has spread to Australia - 3 cases confirmed in NSW and 1 case confirmed in Victoria as of 25th January. This is a deadly virus and there is no cure for it. The symptoms vary and not all patients develop a fever. Some coronavirus carriers show no signs of illness.

For the safety of the wider school community, I would like to ask Epping West Public school management, working together with NSW Health and NSW Education Department to enforce the policy of requesting families recently returned from China to keep their families at home isolated for 2 weeks before attending school. I am confident that if we work together, we can win this battle. 



Year 1 Parent of EWPS

Tom Bai