Clean Up Sydney Air

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We are Fridays For Future Sydney. We are an organisation created and run by Sydney school kids of all ages. We are inspired by and endorsed by Greta Thunberg. We are starting a campaign to help clean up the air pollution in our beloved city of Sydney. JOIN US!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this year "while 1224 Australians lost their lives due to vehicle accidents last year, about 1715 died as a result of vehicle pollution".

While the NSW Government works hard and spends large amounts to tackle vehicle accidents they are doing very little to deal with vehicle pollution. The pollution from petrol and diesel vehicles directly increases the number of heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer in Sydney. It causes abnormal lung development in children and is deadly for asthmatics and those with chronic lung disease. 

Schools and childcare centres are often built near busy traffic and the NSW government is not protecting our children adequately. Also our grandparents and the elderly population are particularly vulnerable and new research has demonstrated huge spikes in heart attack and stroke deaths on the same days that toxic air pollution spikes. These correlations are supported by the medical profession and there is broad scientific agreement about this dangerous situation.

In Britain the problem has become a number one issue with the head of the NHS declaring vehicle related air pollution a health emergency. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, recently reported that "London’s lethal air is a public health crisis - it leads to thousands of premature deaths in the capital every year, as well as stunting the development of young lungs and increasing cases of respiratory illness."


(1) Increase funding and support in order to help Sydney residents transition to electric vehicles.

(2) Urgently transition all buses to electric clean technology.

(3) Support households who agree to walk or ride a bicycle instead of owning a vehicle. Increase funding for safe cycle paths and pedestrian spaces. 

(4) NSW AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Offer Tax breaks to individuals and businesses who make the effort to transition away from petrol and diesel, whether it be by riding a bike or buying an electric vehicle. 

(5) NSW AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Don't put financial pressure on individual citizens, instead offer grants, tax breaks and extra funds to make sure the shift away from air polluting transport does not hurt the bank accounts of individuals, families and small businesses.