Help stop a Triple Murderer being released from a NSW jail.

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A man once described as “one of the most cold-blooded killers ever to enter a New South Wales prison”, is likely to be released on parole next month.

In 1977, Berwyn Rees entered a Bondi Junction gun shop and ordered 26-year-old manager Raymond James and 26-year-old customer Christopher Greenfield to lie face down on the ground. Rees shot both of them in the back of the head from point blank range. He took 18 guns and ammunition and fled.

One of these innocent men was my father. I was only two-years-old when my father was murdered in cold-blood - execution style. 

For three years the murders remained unsolved until forestry and telecom workers heard Rees’ target practice shots in the bush. Sergeant Keith Haydon went to investigate and was shot multiple times. Realising Sergeant Haydon wasn't dead, Rees went back to the injured policeman and shot him in the head. During his attempted escape he shot another young police officer multiple times in the stomach, but the constable survived.

In 1981, Rees was handed three life sentences for the murders and another 10 years in prison for the attempted murder.

Last week I received a letter in the mail stating that the State Parole Authority has indicated it's Intention to grant Rees' parole next month.

This murderer is highly intelligent (completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major whilst incarcerated), cold and calculating and has never shown any remorse. I cannot understand how they can even consider letting this man free. He has destroyed so many families. 

This man murdered 3 innocent men and an attempted murder on another. He deserves to be in jail for the term of his natural life, never seeing the light of day again.

Please sign my petition to help me keep my father's murderer locked away.....just imagine if it was your son or brother or father. Do you really want this kind of man walking the streets?