Mental Health Education in NSW High Schools.

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Young People Matter & Young Lives Matter! 

NSW Department Of Education needs to come to terms with the fact that our Youth are in crisis and they need to do something about it! 

Yes, money can be raised, yes, we can fund different charities supporting Mental Health but the underlying issue is the young people! 

They are not being heard,  they don’t have a voice or the education to help them when times get tough! Teen suicide is out of control and I’m sick of it. 

Imagine a class run by a trained Youth Mentor who has experience and can create a safe space. Class discussions about things that actually matter to them like Anxiety, Depression, suicide, bullying, Social Media, sexting, drugs and alcohol.

Imagine the positive impact. 

These are our kids, They need more support.

Lets get this ball rolling and see what can be done.  Please help me.