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#AllMartyrsMatter: End State-wise Discrimination and Give Equal Compensation to All

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When a soldier lays down his life, he does so for the nation. No matter which state he belongs to.  Then why is their sacrifice being measured differently?

Different state governments have conferred different compensation packages on the Pulwama martyrs families.

The 44 soldiers who died in the call of duty hailed from 10 states. The monetary compensation packages announced by all these state governments varies from Rs 2 lakhs (Tripura), to Rs 50 lakhs (Maharashtra) to Rs 1 crore (Madhya Pradesh).

It’s not just Pulwama. Data released by the Indian Army between 2005-2017 revealed that total 1,684 men lost their lives in ceasefire violations by Pakistan, anti-terrorist operations, counter insurgency and peacekeeping missions.

But all of these men got different compensation packages by their states. This discrimination must stop. All soldiers deserve the same respect in life and in death.

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asking the Ministry of Defence to end the state-wise differential treatment for martyrs by passing an order standardising the minimum compensation amount that state governments give to the respective martyrs families.

Although all of India is mourning these bravehearts, it is their families - their parents, wives, siblings and young children - after all whose lives have been torn apart. Nothing will console mothers who have lost their sons or siblings who are left with only photographs and memories.

I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have to explain to the children of slain soldiers as to why Papa’s body was wrapped in a Tricolour. Who is going to tell them that he will never walk up to them to hug them, talk to them, and protect them from the outside world.

Nothing will bring these brave souls back. The least we can do as citizens is ensure that we give each one’s family the same compensation, so that they may pick up the pieces and find the strength to cope with such a loss. This is best way we can honour our soldiers.

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