NSFT Dismiss Dr Albert Michael & Investigate Wedgwood House and Woodlands

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Dr Albert Michael is the lead consultant of Wedgwood House, Bury St Edmunds. Dr Jenkins and Dr Axford are both consultants from Ipswich, Woodlands. I and others feel they have let down so many patients and their families. People have died under their care. They seem to show no remorse and continue to ruin peoples lives with their archaic views on psychiatric illness and treatment.

In my experience and many others I have spoken to they are hugely against any person with a personality disorder, and refuse to offer the appropriate treatment to such individuals. We feel these hospitals need investigating and changes need to be made. No more lives should have to be lost.

If anybody would like to add their own experiences/ treatment from Dr Albert Michael, Dr Axford or Dr Jenkins (or associated wards) please feel free to comment below. I will add to the petition accordingly.

Many thanks,

L.Hayden, B. Barbarossa, H. Wood & E. Wood. 

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