Firework ban in residential areas

Firework ban in residential areas

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Started by cynara kelly

My daughter has complex needs ie autism, adhd and a severe learning disability. She also has sensory issues particularly around loud noises, which trigger anxiety.

Fireworks have been a major issue for us over a number of years and every year my child is so upset and distressed that she refuses to leave the house. This shouldnt be happening. She will also have meltdowns and lash out at me because shes struggling to cope. This also affects me. If my child is wakened during the night (which happened on new years eve) and she was awake all night. As a single parent, I need sleep myself to function and be able to provide the best care for my daughter.

In our area teenagers are involved in anti social behaviour ie throwing illegal fireworks at people and traffic and letting them off at unsociable hours during the night. This behaviour can begin as early as September and continue through to November. Halloween past I had to take my child away for the night so that she wouldnt be so distressed. The previous year was absolutely horrendous, she couldnt even stay in her own home as it was that bad. I feel that we should be entitled to peace in our own home. 

I would like this petition to raise awareness and hopefully result in a complete firework ban in residential areas. Im not against local council displays that are done safely and without causing distress. Parents of autistic children know their own child and can control the situation. At present its out of my control and its really upsetting for me, knowing I cant make it better. 

Finally, id like to ask everyone to share this petition far and wide. Your support will be greatly appreciated.


An autism mum 

97 have signed. Let’s get to 100!