Lower Tuition For Online Classes

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Due to the effects of COVID-19, most university classes have been moved from in-person instruction to online delivery for the Fall 2020 semester. Seeing that most classes have been moved into the online format, it is only fair that tuition is also reduced. Other fees such as campus security, honors/scholars, and miscellaneous fees should also be reduced due to the lack of activity on campus. The quality of teaching and learning is drastically lessened in online learning formats. Many students may not have access to the internet which puts them at a disadvantage while taking online classes. Many also live in different time zones, which impacts their ability to excel in class due to odd instruction and testing times. Additionally, many families can no longer afford these prices since many are out of a job or working reduced hours. Tuition cannot and should not be the same considering these situations. It should reflect the standard and quality of education that students will receive.