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North Carolina General Assembly: Stop Gutting Tenants Rights Legislation

Among the many destructive bills in the NC legislature are House Bills 773 & 802 that undermine the quality and stability of rental housing so that tenants are even more vulnerable if their landlords are unfair. 

The passage of these Bills will only serve to increase homelessness, contribute to the decline of property values , drive up disparities in housing quality and result in even more injuries as a result of unsafe housing. 

Let us not allow the justice system to be perverted on the backs of those most vulnerable in North Carolina.  Sign the petition, contact your representative, share with your network.  Our voices are critical to the elimination of housing discrimination and disparities.


HB 773:

HB 802:




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North Carolina General Assembly
State Representative Kenneth Waddell
State Representative Phillip Shepard
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State Representative William Brawley
State Representative Tim Moffitt 2
State Representative Timothy Moore
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State Representative William Brisson
State Representative Michael Wray
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State Representative Marvin Lucas
State Representative Beverly Earle
State Representative Jonathan Hardister
North Carolina State Senate
We oppose the gutting of tenants rights legislation in North Carolina.

To protect our communities from people getting hurt by their housing, our cities need strong code enforcement policies and tenants need their landlords to make repairs—not to kick them out. NC House Bill 773 will add new limitations to the authority of cities and counties from to inspect rental properties, so conditions will deteriorate to the point that tenants get sick. That raises health care costs! More tenants will become homeless because landlords would be able to avoid responsibility for unsafe housing conditions by evicting them. Stop House Bill 773.

To decide fairly whether tenants should be evicted, magistrates in small claims courts need to hear the evidence from both landlords and tenants. NC House Bill 802 would disrupt justice by requiring magistrates to pay landlords $50 per day for postponing cases without landlord approval. This would increase homelessness when tenants don’t have time to prepare for court, especially hurting children and those who are disabled or don’t speak English. The bill would also shorten the time for tenants to move out after the eviction process. Stop House Bill 802.