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It has been proposed that Norfolk County Council withdraw funding from finds identification and recording service from next April (2016). This would leave posts funded solely by the Portable Antiquities Scheme: A Finds Liaison Officer, a Data Input Assistant (half-time) and a numismatist (half funded by the portable antiquities scheme). So in affect 4.5 posts would be reduced by 2.5 to 2 posts , a reduction of 56 percent. the Identification and Recording Service (I&RS), which in turn is a part of NCC's Historic Environment Service, make 15,000 + records a year of historical artifacts and coins made by people who hand them in quite voluntarily.The system that they use (which was heavily influential in the setting up of the Portable Antiquities Scheme in the late 1990s) has evolved over many years (since the late 1970s), and they are involved with a large number of people, independent detectorists, 6 detector clubs, and numerous casual finders (gardeners, walkers etc.) as well as archaeological fieldwalking groups and individuals. As well as the good will / voluntary aspect of their work it is worth stressing that its results, in terms of knowledge of Norfolk's past, is very large, with many important sites being discovered and recorded as a result of the work they have done recording finds over the years. They have also been involved in numerous very significant individual finds. In other words the "decimation" of ( or 56% cut in) the I&RS would result in a very steep decline in the number of new records that would be able to be processed , and would get rid of the considerable expertise, experience and local knowledge of those made redundant. We cannot be certain but would the posts ever be re-established So please sign my petition and save Norfolk's history . If the cuts go ahead future finds would not be able to be processed ,with the planned new structure of man power .So many finds would go un-recorded meaning that many as yet undiscovered historical sights many not ever be found Please share this petition and help Norfolk's history Thank you

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