Bug fixing for Nokia N9

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Dear Nokia,
we belong to a strange kind of people, the customers who bought a Nokia N9. This is a very unlucky smartphone: few updates, few apps and tiny support. But there is a great community beside it, people that decided to buy it anyway despite its destiny was already known because it IS a great and a simply innovative smartphone. Anyway, it has still a few issues: the battery level suddenly drops to 4% when battery is stressed or randomly changes after reboot, sms bugs, the calendar view or the missing copy/paste in mail... Lots of issues were already reported to the bug tracker. Now, these are simple but annoying bugs and what we request is a bug fixing, which we think is due also because support was promised until 2015. Everyone here is aware of the decision to focus on Windows Phone but please Nokia, don't forget about us and above all don't forget that we are largely loyal customers that believed in you also in the darkest days of your history. Making us happy giving us finally a fully reliable product is not a big effort for you.

your "still many" N9 owners

For example, some bugs are:
- battery drop
- sms bug
- folders in imap mail
- calendar issues (3rd panel doesn't show an event more than 39 days ahead)
- some stock apps lack of some basic functions (facebook and twitter) and randomly crash (store)

- gallery bug

- Integrated dropbox uploading function doesn't work anymore (api is changed)


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