Justice for my brother Akshay Kalra’s brutal murder

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It pains me to write this petition, but it’s important to put facts out there. Sadly, my 25-year-old brother Akshay Kalra was brutally murdered by criminals who attacked him and stole his car on the night of September 2nd 2020. This happened in a perceived safe and affluent area - Sector 62, Noida. He went for a drive around 10:40 pm, and when returning, was stopped and attacked. His assailants left him on the road to die. The incident took place barely 200m away from the house.

Akshay was extremely kind and loving to everyone around him, be it people or animals. He always stood for what was right and just, felt the pain of the poor and suffering, and always tried to do what he could for them. To see such a monstrous thing happen to him was an unbearably painful event. The intensity of the crime, and its culmination into the loss of life has led to a great deal of sorrow for us. This petition calls upon the police to put more resources into obtaining justice for Akshay and take this case to its just conclusion.

My family and I have been shocked and in despair. Our calls for help with @UPPolice, @NoidaPolice have resulted in no effective actions. It does not appear that the police have prioritized this case. Without the attention that this case deserves, we’re afraid our voices will forever remain unheard, and it’s daunting to face the unacceptable outcome that the criminals will get away with their crime. 

This petition is not just a cry for help, it’s a cry for awareness about several things - our societies aren’t safe anymore, the policing system is overburdened and inefficient, the ordinary citizen is dispensable. 

The facts about the incident are that Akshay was killed just outside a society named Varun Apartments, visible and very near to the designated police picket van which was not parked at that time. This was a brazen murder of a young person in a supposedly secure and surveilled area outside a well guarded society. Police found Akshay in an unconscious state lying in a pool of blood, approximately 20-30 minutes after the brutal assault on him. It has been verified that tons of people walked by and cars drove past the location, yet no one cared to obey their humanitarian duty to take him to the hospital hardly 2 minutes away or call the police. Our family is in total disbelief and refuses to accept this absurdity that a person is attacked outside a housing society, his car was stolen yet not a whimper of noise was heard by any guards in-charge of security. Furthermore to highlight such lawlessness, no CCTV footage of the crime could be obtained even though the incident happened outside the society named above.

While it may seem okay to accept an answer such as ‘We are trying our best’ - truth be told - we see NO evidence or reassurance that the police are: a) prioritizing the case b) putting in all forces to solve the case and bring the criminals to book c) taking concrete long-term steps to ensure that such unbearable events don’t ruin other families - such as adequate safety measures and budgetary allocation for CCTV surveillance, occupied police chawkies, increased patrolling, street lights, community policing. The police's utter incompetence to deter these criminals must face the voice and accountability of vigilant citizens.

These criminals that perpetuated this heinous crime represent the rot, and to live in such an atmosphere feels suffocating, where life is not protected outside our housing societies by the law enforcement authorities who appear to be not on the side of citizens. 

Via this petition, I implore you all to share and bring awareness for this case - for my beloved brother - for all your loved ones. I want to see some measure of justice for him, for us, for the ordinary humble citizen - that can walk outside their homes with no fear of such monsters who operate now by absolute impunity.