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NO to AB48! Criminalizes Law-Abiding Gun Owners / Bad for California Economy


Assemblywoman, Nancy Skinner introduced an over-reactive, misplaced piece of legislation that’s based on a cough medicine law that has failed to curb methamphetamine production. It will affect all law-abiding gun-owning citizens, taxpayers, businesses, and the California economy. Her Assembly Bill 48, requires identification for all ammunition sales, which would be sent to the State Justice Department; notifying law enforcement of “large quantity” purchases, and creating/maintaining a registry.

• Skinner hopes to gamble large amounts of California taxpayer money on an illogical theory of preventing massacres, which she admits are, “rare occurrences”. She praises a law that limits the sale of Sudafed in a failed effort to prevent meth production… meanwhile looking the other way when SSRI / psychotropic medications are linked to most massacres and have been scientifically proven to create violent behavior and suicidal tendencies.

• It will send absurd red flags to law enforcement when honest sport shooters and hunters that commonly fire hundreds of rounds per day buy their ammunition.

• It will drive California business out to bordering states like Nevada which does not have the same wammunition limits.

• The bill is modeled on the utopian idea that murder, mental illness, and deeper societal problems can be legislated-away by reducing the number of bullets someone can buy. UK, China, Japan, and other extreme gun-controlled nations have all experienced several recent knife massacres and increased stabbing deaths in the absence of firearms/ammunition, and are now considering new laws that continue the wild goose chase toward banning pointed kitchen knives. In fact, according to the most recent FBI statistics, violent crime has dropped while gun ownership increased.

• Somehow we’re to believe that criminals who commit one of the most heinous illegal acts- murder, will feel compelled to follow the law under AB48, instead of obtaining ammunition illegally like meth producers under Skinner's idealized Sudafed law. The facts say otherwise. The demand for illegal ammunition could create a new black market that will increase crime and allow criminals to profit.

Skinner makes the disingenuous claim that, all “law enforcement supports AB48”.

• AB48 also overlooks that the nation's most secure and surveilled location is jail, which has a no-gun/no-drug policy, yet people still murder with sharpened toothbrushes.

Until our State Representatives recognize the actual mental, societal, educational, familial, economic, and pharmacuetical causes of violence, we’re bound to continue this blind pursuit of unobtainable goals, leaving invasions of privacy, violations of Constitutional rights, and waste of taxpayer dollars in its wake.


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