No oil drilling or seismic testing in Great Australian Bight.

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Equinor has submitted an environment plan to drill for fossil fuels in the Great Australian Bight.

EDIT - The window to make a comment to NOPSEMA has now closed. 

This petition will stay open until the decision has been made. If NOPSEMA wrongly decide to approve the plan to drill - I will be sending this petition to MP Melissa Price (Minister for Environment) and MP Angus Taylor (Minister for Energy) to escalate the issue and illustrate the massive public disapproval.

They released a plan open to Public comment - they had 18 months to prepare this, and they are only giving the public 30 DAYS to comment on it and make any opposition known.

We need to stop this!

The Great Australian Bight is a vital home and breeding ground for southern right whales, endangered pygmy blue whales and southern blue-fin tuna. It’s an essential feeding ground for endangered sea lions, great white sharks, migratory sperm whales and many other species of marine animals.  It shelters Leafy Sea Dragons, seals, many species of sharks and dolphins. Around 85 % of all the marine species that are found in the Bight occur nowhere else on the planet, and they need the delicate balance of this specific ecosystem to survive.

Please sign this petition, and make your comments in opposition to this plan known!

This is an ecological disaster waiting to happen. They let one company start to drill.. where will it end?

Drilling for oil, seismic testing and removal of fossil fuel from this fragile Eco system is pure greed.

Destroying this natural wonder, killing it's marine life and contributing to global warming for a handful of greedy humans to make more money is pointless insanity, as soon, none of us will have a planet earth to call home.