Allow You Disabled To Not Work So Hard

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This is a petition to the ODSP.

The basic formula for calculating your ODSP received every month is dependent on the previous month's income.
We want to give the disable the incentive and opportunity to work without penalty. We want them to have money to secure assets.
We want to provide them with a more manageable situation by increasing the amount they can earn before we start reassessing their need.

Total Monthly Income = ODSP - (last months employment earnings-200)/2

ODSP should be something we base on income. Income only not wealth. Disability affects all classes. I will pay those people whether their rich or poor so that they can retrain and do things on their own and they don't feel ripped off by all these services that never serve them because of their wealth or someone else's wealth connected to them.

Don't even ask me how much I'm worth. Take a look at my ability to walk dammit. I cannot walk. It's going to cost me my house to have someone take care of me. Why can't I get ODSP and keep my house? Are you that rabid over the support of disabled and dependants?

ODSP is $1000 per month. According to the formula above if I want $2000 earned one month I have to earn every dime of that money. $1000 will be withheld from my support.

14x8x5x4= $2240 <<minimum income for full time job.

The combined value of what is given and what is earned should be a simple addition where we will begin to make reductions (heavy ones) from the people that are earning more than $1,240 per month.

Run ODSP like this.

This will allow them to hold onto more money, do you really want all of your disabled in poverty?

If Earnings >= 1240
Total Income= ODSP - (Earnings - 1240)/2
Total Income= ODSP + Earnings

Your ODSP is always given in full until you earn enough money to put your combined income aligned with a full time minimum wage worker.

If you earn more than $1240 in any given month you are required to pay back 1 dollar per 2 dollars earned.