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With the Gulf oil disaster, people are beginning to see the tremendous pollution the oil industry presents to humanity and the planet from it's start to it's final consumption.

Because of our short sightedness and greed with oil, we could be destroying the marine Eco system from the Gulf of Mexico to New England.  That means loss of ocean based food, and thousands of jobs.

We cannot afford to be just as foolish by moving to nuclear power plants.  No matter what politicians try to say to sell nuclear, nuclear plants will always produce radioactive waste that will last of thousands of years.  Over that period of time, we WILL have a disaster with the waste!  If not many.

We must require our leaders to begin a new way of life for all of us.  We must begin to respect the Earth as the ONLY place we have to live.  We must stop the destruction of the only home our future generations will have to live with. 

Demand that all energy be required to come from completely pollution free sources!

Stop nuclear plants!  Save the only Earth we have!

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President of the United States
With the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, there is now some momentum to stop drilling for oil in our oceans. This spill could potentially destroy the marine eco system from the Gulf of Mexico to New England. It is going to crush the income sources for a tremendous amount of Americans as well as our ocean based food supply.

Now in the face of a tremendous disaster, people might just begin to see the problems the oil industry is presenting to the planet. However, I fear our short sighted politicians are going to now start pushing for nuclear plants as an alternative to oil. They will claim they produce less waste and are safer now. This is insanity! All we will do with nuclear is generate more waste that will last for thousands of years. We need to stop all this insanity that is destroying the only planet we have to live on. The only reason these insane politicians want nuclear for, is so they can centralize power generation for profits.

We need to stop centralized power generation. We need to focus on improving power generation for every home and building that is natural and clean. Investigate what the "Earthships" have done. This is not only better for the environment, it is better for the individual because it will free them from monthly power bills. It is also better for our national security because if we were ever to be attacked, the enemy will not be able to focus on power plants to knock out our power. Every building will have it's own power source that is natural and non polluting. It is also better for the economy. A drive to create independent energy will create thousands of jobs and new products to be installed on every building in the country.

Stop nuclear plants and work to eliminate the grid! Bring back American independence!

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