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No Discrimination Against Children With ADHD

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When teachers learn that their students have been diagnosed with AD/HD they tend adopt certain strategies to accommodate the children in a learning environment. The AD/HD children are characterized as oppositional and easily ignored by the normal school curriculum and the teachers argue that they should modify their assignments to make them easier for the students. This is wrong and inhibits these children from reaching the same academic standards as their peers.

AD/HD students are perfectly capable of completing the same work that their peers complete with the proper treatment and without being discriminated against by the educational system.

Effective treatment of AD/HD in children and teens requires a comprehensive approach that professionals call multimodal. This means that the best outcomes are achieved when multiple interventions work together as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. The elements of a multimodal treatment approach include:

 Parent training
 Behavioral intervention strategies
 An appropriate educational tutoring program
 Education regarding AD/HD
 Medication, when necessary

Children and adolescents who have this condition should not be considered as though they need to be left behind. Research show that they can be just as educationally successful as students without the disorder. Please sign this petition asking the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as our Government's representatives to not discriminate against children and adolescents with this disorder and to give them the same educational opportunities as every other child.

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